Everyday Humans: Alycia Dalfonsi @tackytypegurl

Introducing #EverydayHumans - a series where we collaborate and celebrate creative humans around the world. At Everyday, we are super lucky to work with a growing collective of emerging talent to shoot pictures, film videos and make crazy ideas come true. The awesome thing is, almost all of our serendipitous encounters have been through Instagram, and we want to shine a light on humans who resonate with us. 📣 First up, introducing graphic design student, Alycia. She sent us a DM asking to collaborate with us, and the rest is history. We chatted with her about her inspiration behind the typography work she did for us!

👋🏻 Where are you from, what are you studying?
I am from Toronto, Canada! It’s currently my last year at OCAD University in Toronto, and I am studying Graphic Design. 🔮

Tell us your inspiration behind the Everyday illustrations:
The illustrations I did for Everyday were honestly just inspired by their already amazing design team’s work. I used the iconic everyday colours I sampled from their website and instagram for the designs, and took type inspiration from old 80’s album art. Oddly enough, I looked at a lot of A-Ha (the band) albums while creating these pieces as I think there logo treatment is a really interesting piece of retro type, which is super fitting for Everyday’s aesthetic. I wanted something fun and playful, but also something that felt like you could not pinpoint which decade it was coming from, a concept I really like to play with in my designs in general. 📲

You found us and not the other way around! Why did you reach out to Everyday for a collab?
I can’t remember the exact moment I found Everyday, but I do remember that when I first stumbled upon the instagram I was completely awestruck by the sort of kitshy/80-ish aesthetic of the brand's design. To me it was something I have not really seen yet, especially for a brand focused on products within the beauty industry. I reached out to collab by commenting on one of Everyday’s instagram posts because I thought that our design styles and visions totally coincided with each other. I did not think they would actually reply!!! but here I am ! :)

If you're a creative (designer/photographer/videographer/animator) and would love to collaborate, hit us up at partnerships@geteveryday.com!

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