Everyday Humans: Chloe Jennings @lobo.indigo

We're back at it with our #EverydayHumans series! Get to know the lovely still life photographer Chloe of @lobo.indigo, who has a talent for shooting products in all the right angles. ⁣She sent us a DM requesting to review our products and we had to find a way to work with her after seeing her portfolio. 

How did you get into photography?⁣
I started photography at age 12 when I joined 4-H and signed up for photography, dog obedience and basketry. Haha! I had so much fun in all three. I knew I wanted to have a career in the arts but wasn’t sure what I wanted to focus on until I took my first darkroom class my second year in college. I fell in love with the hands-on process and there was no turning back! I started out shooting weddings and portraits and that evolved over the last year to focus exclusively on product photography. ⁣

Besides photography, you're also amazing at design! Tell us more about that.⁣
Thank you!! I started learning about graphic design after doing the design work for my photography business myself. I was very interested in learning the Adobe programs, so I taught myself using mostly YouTube videos and hours of practice. After designing my own website, logo and brand assets, my photography colleagues started approaching me with design projects. It just took off from there!

What's a typical day like for you?⁣
I try to find balance in the everyday so I don’t get burnt out on what I love. I live in the country, so I usually start my day by making some coffee and taking a walk around my field with my pup. This helps me warm up for the day and reset my mind. Then, I prioritize projects by time and choose to focus on one big thing a day, so I don’t get overwhelmed. My dog, Luna, is a pretty great reminder to get up away from the computer every once in a while and stretch my legs. When I’m finished working for the day, I like to decompress with one or sometimes all of the following: 😋 an at home facial, bubble bath, yoga, solo dance party, cooking a homemade meal, and/or Netflix. ⁣

What's been inspiring you lately?⁣
I’ve been super inspired by renaissance still lifes lately. I minored in Art History and love looking for symbolism in art. I’ve been trying to incorporate symbolism and thoughtful placement in my own photographs. There’s so much inspiration at our fingertips these days, but sometimes I like to find it in unexpected locations, like the hardware store or thrift shop.

We saved the most important question for last, what are some of your fave meme accounts?⁣

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