Everyday Humans: Vicki Liang @vickii_ll

Next up on our list of legendary #EverydayHumans, we have talented film photographer @vickii_ll whom we found via @instagram while stumbling through the IG rabbit hole. Vicki’s creative eye was the reason we slid into her DMs. Originally from Australia and Hong Kong, she is currently in her first year of university in New York (since last Aug) and is a lover of the ocean! 

So, Vicki, how/when did you get into photography?
I started taking photos about 3 years ago, the first shoot was for an art class project at school.

What camera do you use to shoot?
Canon F1 and a yashica point & shoot.

You seem to shoot a lot with film rather than digital, why is that so?
I love that I won’t be able to see the photos straightaway - which can be a good or bad thing! But the thing I love is that I can leave the photos as they are, not knowing if they work or not. There is always a surprise after getting the film back (the best feeling!). It’s okay if they didn’t turn out the way I want, then it becomes a challenge for me to make it work (always fun!)

Lastly, any tips you’d give to someone who is looking to give photography a shot?
Just keep shooting and don’t be afraid/nervous to ask to collaborate (be confident with your photos! - which I am still working on with myself hehe).


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