#EverydayHumans: Nicole Espinoza @myyglow

In the IG universe, you're bound to meet all kinds of people- some memorable, some not so much. Nicole is definitely the former. When we came across her post where she talked about being comfortable in your own skin (preach, sis!), we knew she was our kinda girl. We asked her about that and more, but first, see what she thinks about Resting Beach Face: 

You talked a little about how you used to be self-conscious in high school because of how people treated you. Tell us more about that. 

In high school I was very aware of my appearance and how others saw me. I felt this weird pressure to look a certain way. I was a cheerleader for a brief time and had such beautiful friends so I secretly felt like I had to compete with their beauty. I never thought I was unattractive but I did always feel like I wasn’t like the other girls in the hallways. The girls who looked effortlessly beautiful with bright smiles and slim figures who of course caught everyone’s eye. As a teenaged girl in high school, it was stressful. I’ve since realized though how important it is to love myself for myself and the skin I am in. Sometimes I regret those years I spent being so hard on myself and comparing myself to others. 

What does your AM routine look like?

For the most part, my AM routine is the same. I start by washing my face with lukewarm water. That is usually followed by a hydrating toner, I have been loving the Laneige Cream Skin Toner! Next, I’ll mix a Vitamin C product in with a moisturizer. My go to’s for Vitamin C are the Sunday Riley CEO Glow Oil or the Beautybio The Daily Serum. My moisturizer changes everyday! The last and most important step of course is SPF! I’ve been interchanging between the Krave Beauty The Beet Shield and the Everyday Resting Beach Face. Both are super lightweight and give off a nice glowy finish. 

Who was the first person to introduce you to sunscreen?

If memory serves me right, I got into diligently using SPF after binge watching Liah Yoo on YouTube. Her videos have alway been so informative and definitely pulled me deeper into the importance of skincare and of course, sunscreen.

If you were to create your dream boyband, what would you call them?

This is such a hard question! My dream “boyband” does exist already, BTS. While I couldn’t come up with what I’d call them, important qualities they must have are: being genuine and writing their own music on relatable topics.

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