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If you've been on the internet in the last few years you have most definitely come across prawn-painting queen Beatrix Butterfly Rowe (@prawn_cocktail). We've teamed up with the talented artist to create new merch items for all of YOU, in honour of our collaboration for GREENPEACE Australia to protect the Great Barrier Reef. We also spoke a bit more with Beatrix about her work and why she decided to join us on this project.

Tell us a little bit about yourself! Where are you from? What did you study?

My name is Beatrix Butterfly Rowe, I'm from the south coast of Australia and currently live in Edinburgh, Scotland. With a brief formal background in fine arts, I started Prawn Cocktail as a private endeavour to spice up my own wardrobe sans spending!

What is Prawn Cocktail? What inspired you to start it and what is it about prawns/sea life that you are so drawn to?

Emerging from a love of Australian seafood, and obsession with all things prawny, Prawn Cocktail revolves around having your bags and eating prawns too. In a deliberate effort to reduce excess waste from the fashion industry, Prawn Cocktail recycles high quality vintage and second hand accessories, reintroducing them to the market with sea inspired paintings!

How does it feel to have something you are passionate about turn into a business?

I am extremely lucky to be able to enjoy my job and make a living from it! Painting is a passion and something I would be doing regardless of it being my job, so I'm thankful that there is a market for this niche, I thought I was the odd one out!

Tell us more about the design process of the Respect The Reef collab. Can you tell us more about the print and about the relations to donating to GREENPEACE to protect The Great Barrier Reef? 

This collab with Everyday hits close to home and it was important for me to get involved! The Great Barrier Reef is a natural wonder we have long taken for granted and need to actively think about protecting to secure it's longevity - reef friendly sunscreen is a must! So thank you for your orders because you are now helping to protect the reef too!

Any last words/tricks/tips - SPF mantras?

Be sun and reef safe! Always wear your hats and look after our sea!

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