PSA: Say NO to Single-Use Plastics


Single-use plastic is any form of plastic product that is intended to be used only once before being thrown away. Some examples include:

  • plastic forks and knives
  • plastic shopping bags
  • plastic coffee cup lids
  • plastic water bottles
  • Styrofoam and plastic take out containers
  • and, of course, plastic straws


It's no surprise that we live in a throw-away culture, where these items only last a few minutes in our hands before being thrown out and brought to a landfill somewhere, or even worse - just left on the ground. Plastic does not break down and disintegrate into our lovely Earth. Instead, it breaks into little baby plastic pieces called micro-plastics and keep residency in our environment. The U.N. Environment reports that only 9% of the world’s 9 billion tonnes of plastic has actually been recycled. That means that almost all of the plastic that we use everyday just sits somewhere on our Earth, waiting to affect our soil, waterways, wildlife, and more.  


You've probably heard these three words since birth, but they do actually work. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

REDUCE the amount of single-use plastic you consume by opting for REUSE-able grocery bags, cartons, water bottles, boxes, and more. Basically everything in this day and age has a reusable alternative or something you can use to DIY your way out of a single-use plastic moment. RECYCLE the waste you do create when purchasing and using recyclable materials. Let’s not just throw everything into one big garbage container and call it a day!


1. Re-use our signature yellow box and other shipping boxes.
The yellow box that your order is shipped in is recyclable as it is made of cardboard, but that does not mean that it's a one time deal! Use your yellow box as a storage container for practically anything when you want to stow away a few old items in a safe place. Maybe it's a box of old letters? A box of CD’s you can't seem to throw away just yet? A box of old high school memorabilia, printed pics of your dog... anything works here!

You can also re-use other shipping boxes from your online shopping for DIY projects, gardening, shipping your own packages, or just breaking them down and storing them for when you might need them in the future.

2. Forgo plastic bags and use re-usable ones instead.
Aka tote bags. They're cute and available pretty much everywhere, so there's really no excuse here. Stock up on a few so you always have them handy when you buy groceries, run errands or get take out. Skip the plastic and feel fantastic using a reusable and cute AF tote. #TOTEALLY

If you're a snacker (aren't we all?), we created a re-usable Snack Snack Baggie to solve a tiny piece of the single-use plastic puzzle. We love a good snack and know that packing your own lunches and mid-day surprises is way better for your wallet and the Earth. Snack Snack Baggie is from our 'Respect the Reef' sustainable collection, made in part to bring awareness and preserve Australia's Great Barrier Reef. The baggie is re-usable and washable, and will last you a lifetime of never throwing out a plastic sandwich baggie again. It's BPA free and has a cotton outer and eco-friendly TPU liner to help keep food fresh. It’s the ultimate BFF for a world-conscious snacker.

3. If you can't avoid single-use plastic, still re-use it!
With all the plastics coming into our lives after this holiday season, sometimes it's just hard to steer clear of. We get it. If you've got excess plastics in your life, re-use them! Plastic grocery bags can be used as garbage bags, gift bags can be kept and used for the next big party, and plastic utensils can be washed and re-used for the next time you eat on the go. 

4. Keep an eye out for other eco-friendly packaging.
We use packing peanuts to make sure your products get to you safely. They may look like a death sentence to our environment, but that's not the case. They're 100% biodegradable and plastic free. They're starch-based, meaning they're made from natural, nontoxic sources and even dissolve in water. No extra waste here! 

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