Everyday x Prawn Cocktail 'Respect the Reef' Sustainable Collection

It's no surprise that as a brand, we pride ourselves on our reef-friendly sunscreen options, cruelty-free product formulas, and stand behind our Everyday Nevers (Never test on animals, Never use nasty stuff). 

As our brand originates from Australia, the destruction of the Great Barrier Reef hits close to home. The reef is a natural wonder that has been taken for granted for years, and we believe in actively ensuring and protecting its life with everything that we do. 

Our 'Respect the Reef' campaign started off as a collaboration with Australian artist, Beatrix Butterfly Rowe of Prawn Cocktail, and ended with a sustainable merch collection and holiday kit sets that would be sold in order to not only donate funds to GREENPEACE (an international organization that campaigns actively but non-violently for conservation of the environment and the preservation of endangered species), but to raise awareness of the destruction of the Great Barrier Reef as well. 

We wanted to create a sustainable line of merch that was inspired by the wonders of the reef and by what YOU as consumers would want to use, and continue using, in your everyday lives. 


Snack Snack Baggie - the perfect alternative to ziplock bags that could end up in the ocean and affect marine life. The baggie has a cotton outer and eco-friendly TPU liner to help keep food fresh. Reusable and washable. Food safe and BPA free.

Sea-chain - a constant reminder of your 'Saving the Reef' efforts. Hang it on all your favourite things for some extra fun.

Wrap It and Reef It Scarf - a reusable and stylish alternative for all your wrapping needs.


'Tis the Sea-Son' Holiday Kit

  • Wrap It and Reef It Scarf
  • Sea-chain
  • Oh My Bod! SPF50 Antioxidant Infused Dry Touch Sunscreen
  • Soothe Operator Hydrating Beauty Mist

'Shell Yeah!' Holiday Kit

  • Snack Snack Baggie
  • Wrap It and Reef It Scarf
  • Resting Beach Face SPF30 Anti-Pollution Sunscreen Serum

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