Our Journey

Better Basics Explained

At Everyday Humans, our mission sounds simple - to create better basics with no fuss, no faff and no empty promises, but we will be the first to admit that the road to being a responsible brand is a bumpy one. The good news? We love a challenge and we won't stop innovating, improving and finding better solutions. With our north star set in stone, here's what we've done so far. 

For you and your body

Say No To Nasties

We want to always provide the skin-loving you deserve, and that's why, we've formulated our products with standards that is beyond what is legally required in the United States. We've established Our "No" List, which is a collection of questionable ingredients that we will never use in our products. Parabens, sulfates, pthalates, mineral oils, artificial colors and synthetic fragrances are out of the question, while oxybenzone, octinoxate and PABA, sunscreen chemicals that are currently banned in Hawaii are also out.  What you get are carefully sourced ingredients with formulas that are clinically tested, safe and beneficial for your skin. Our ingredient glossary is still a work-in-progress, so please check back here for updates!

For the people and the world

Let's Protect Our Planet

We try to protect our planet as much as we can by using greener alternatives and are happy to report that all of our packaging is recyclable. Tubes are made of post consumer resin (recycled plastic) or recyclable PET, bottles are made of biodegradable plastic, cartons are made of FSC-certified recycled paperboard and printed on environmentally friendly soy-based ink. Inside, our sunscreen are formulated with ingredients that are reef-friendly and nice to the ocean. We will be showing you some awesome ways to recycle your empties, so follow us on Instagram to learn more. 


No Animal Testing

We love animals (who doesn't?) and would never ever intend to harm them, that is why we only source from accredited manufacturers and suppliers that strictly do not test on animals. To make it official, reporting here that we've submitted our application to be certified "Cruelty Free" from PETA and will keep you posted on our progress. 

Questions? Email us at ciao@everyday-humans.com Questions? Email us at ciao@everyday-humans.com Questions? Email us at ciao@everyday-humans.com