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The Intro Pack

Starter SPF Suncare Set

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Whether you've been planning for the vacation of the century or just living in a place where it's 90 degrees everyday, this bangin' trio is all you need for a great time in the sun. 

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The Everyday Intro Pack

  • Resting Beach Face SP30 Sunscreen Serum This SPF30 hyaluronic serum gives good glow while throwing shade at sun damage, dehydration and basic beaches. For resting beach faces, and everyday faces.
  • Oh My Bod! SPF50 Body Sunscreen This lightweight, non-sticky SPF50 lotion will save you from sunburn, pollution, dry skin, discoloured tattoos, darker scars and awkward tan lines.
  • No Problemo Pre & Post Sun Water This soothing aloe & cucumber spritz is here for mist opportunities: after-sun, before makeup or whenever you’re feeling *extra* stressed. See: Mondays.