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Most people associate sunscreen with the great outdoors. Sure, SPF at the beach or on hikes is a no-brainer, but do you need to wear sunscreen indoors? Should you wear sunscreen everyday, even when you’re just at home and away from the blaring sun? 

Well, unless you’re sitting in a windowless room for the whole day or working behind blackout curtains, you still need daily sunscreen. 

But why do you need sunscreen indoors? 

Whether you’re by a window or in front of a laptop screen, your skin is exposed to potentially harmful light, namely: ultraviolet A (UVA) rays, ultraviolet B (UVB) rays, and blue light from gadgets. Without face sunscreen or body sunscreen, you’re vulnerable to all kinds of UV damage — from premature aging and hyperpigmentation, to skin cancer and more. 

UVA rays and UVB rays: what’s the difference?

UVA rays are the main culprit for signs of aging. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, these can cause fine lines, wrinkles, loss of elasticity, and break down collagen. It’s important to note that they can penetrate windows and clouds. So even during gloomy winter days or stormy weather, don’t skip that everyday sunscreen. 

On the other hand, UVB rays damage skin on a DNA level, causing hyperpigmentation and inflammation that leads to painful sunburns and skin cancer. Fortunately, the American Cancer Society reveals that most home, office, and car windows are designed to block out UVB rays. But if you’re spending prolonged hours close to a window with direct sunlight, you could still be at risk. 

What about blue light?

Anyone with a smartphone has probably heard of the dangers of blue light, AKA the light we’re exposed to when we use gadgets and Insta-scroll for hours. While it’s true that blue light can certainly mess with your body clock, more research needs to be done to determine if blue light from gadgets can significantly damage skin. At present, researchers have found blue light from the sun to be most harmful. But still, it doesn’t hurt to have that layer of protection from sunscreen when sitting in front of your computer all day! 

How to protect your skin from sun damage

Indoor or outdoor, rain or shine, the benefits of using sunscreen indoors remain — so keep slathering on that SFP! The best sunscreen is one that’s broad spectrum, as this means you’ll be protected from both UVA and UVB rays. 

For your body, Oh My Bod! SPF 50 Sunscreen Lotion is a great everyday option, since it’s lightweight, 100% invisible, and also a body moisturizer with SPF. Meanwhile, the best sunscreen for face is Resting Beach Face SPF 30 Sunscreen Serum. It’s super hydrating, sheer, and leaves an instantly glowy finish. You can even use it in place of your morning moisturizer, so you don’t even have to think twice when putting it on. Wherever you are, applying sunscreen doesn’t have to be a chore. 

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