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Are you a germaphobe? We don’t blame you if you are. Nearly 80% of illness-causing germs are spread by your hands.That’s why we’ve added Germaphobe Hand & Surface Sanitizer to our iconic team of body care products, a multi-tasking hero to cure your yucky bits and protect you from all the germs of 2020.

Want Some Fun Germ Facts? We Know You Do

  • There are more germs on your keyboard, chopping board and mobile than on a toilet seat.
  • About 25% of public restroom dispensers are contaminated by fecal bacteria (sorry, someone had to tell you!) 
  • The typical human hand carries 3200 bacteria from 150 species... including fecal bacteria.

How Does Germaphobe Sanitizer Shield Me From Germs?

  1. The Germ Killer: Germaphobe is a 99.9% germ-killing hand sanitizer. Simply spray and rub your hands together to get it all up in there and go about your daily activities. 
  2. Wiping Down Tables and Stuff:  Germaphobe can be used to sanitize all of your surfaces. From tables, to chairs, to door-handles, and car bits. Leave your surfaces sparkling, clean and safe. 
  3. The Face Mask Refresher:When you are out and about at work or a long quarantine induced walk, Germaphobe can be used to refresh your masks throughout the day until you get home to wash them! Remember to always wash your masks, but if you can’t make it to the laundry room or sink, spray up those masks with Germaphobe until you can.
  4. The Air Purifier: Air around you feeling gross?Use Germaphobe to refresh the air and leave a yummy scent of black tea behind. You’re welcome. 
  5. The Yoga Master: Quarantine has brought a lot of us to try out at home trends… If Chloe Ting workouts have been on your radar these past months, you can use Germaphobe to clean and refresh your yoga mats. Keep clean, and disinfect your exercise space.
  6. Febreze’s Cooler Sister: Stuffed animals you want to wash ? Pillows on the couch need some refreshing? Want your thrift store jacket to smell fresh af after washing? Germaphobe can be used as a linen spray similar to Febreze, killing 99.9% of germs and freshening up the scent.

Germaphobe is our multi-tasking everyday hero! Let us know what else you would use Germaphobe for by tagging us in your pics on Instagram @everydayhumans

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