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In an attempt to be more sustainable and make conscious decisions, it is not uncommon to find yourself overwhelmed by all the jargon and abbreviations. We’re here to make things a little easy for you and help you understand how our brand practices sustainability with the help of Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) Plastic. 

At Everyday Humans, we make a conscious effort to ensure our business is as sustainable as possible. We do so not with just our cruelty free ingredients but also with our plastic neutral packaging. 

What Is PET?

PET plastics have dominated the packaging industry for decades. The durability and affordability of PET plastics have made them a popular choice for all businesses, big or small. Not to forget, the light weight of these plastics made them easier to transport. However, over the years consumers have begun to realize that not all PET plastics are biodegradable and often contribute to the ever growing landfills all around the globe. 

Growing awareness of PCR

This growing awareness has led to an increased production and usage of Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) plastics. This class of plastic is significantly environmentally friendly because unlike virgin plastics, which are made of fossil fuels, PET plastics are made from recycled PET bottles and other plastics. This allows manufacturers and companies to be plastic neutral. A growing demand for PCR plastics means a potentially lesser demand for PET and other plastics that are not as sustainable.

PCR plastics are not just to satisfy consumers. While being plastic free is the goal, it is not always easy and so we need to take baby steps. For the businesses that need plastic packaging, PCR plastics are a great alternative as they are highly cost effective. This is because recycling of PET plastics to generate PCR plastics requires less use of energy, fossil fuels and water. 

Everyday Humans and Plastic Neutrality

Everyday Humans believes that prevention is better than cure. We take this mantra seriously not just for our skin, but also for our planet. As a conscious company, we strive to make the production and packaging of our products as sustainable as possible. Using PCR plastics for our packaging is one small step in our journey. Using PCR plastics has allowed us to be certified as a Plastic Neutral Company. What does this mean? It means that for every unit of plastic created for our use, one unit of plastic is recovered and recycled for our packaging. 

We realize that every small decision has a domino effect on the environment. By partnering with manufacturers who are also committed to conscious decisions, we are able to manufacture our products and packaging with ethically sourced ingredients, reduced energy usage and mindful water consumption. 

One Step At A Time

The road to sustainability is a never ending one but the least we can do is try. Not to flex but we designed our products to be cruelty-free and plastic neutral and voila, we did that by going one step further and get ourselves certified. At Everyday Humans we vouch to keep trying. Be it with our ingredients, the manufacturing process, the packing or beyond.

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