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No matter what your regimen looks like, sunscreen should be a staple in every daytime routine. But for those who have a skincare routine with tretinoin or any kind of retinoid, everyday sunscreen is even more critical. So what is the best sunscreen to use with tretinoin and other retinoids? And what happens if you use tretinoin without sunscreen?

To understand the tretinoin sun exposure connection, we first need to look at how tretinoin and retinoids work. What does tretinoin do? It’s a super potent kind of retinoid (more powerful than retinol!) that chemically exfoliates the skin, encouraging cellular turnover and boosting collagen production. 

While it’s often touted for anti-aging, there are several tretinoin benefits — from treating acne and keeping pores clear, to minimizing fine lines and texture. It comes in several forms, such as tretinoin cream, gels, or solutions. Since it’s so powerful, tretinoin often comes with side effects like irritation, redness, dryness, peeling, and itchiness. Because your skin is especially sensitive on tretinoin, you’re even more prone to sun damage. 

But don’t worry! Some irritation doesn’t always mean that tretinoin isn’t for you; sometimes, it’s a sign that the formula is actually doing its job. However, this increased sensitivity means that you need to take extra, extra precautions when using tretinoin. Religiously wearing sunscreen during the day is a key part of how to use tretinoin. 

What is the best sunscreen to use with tretinoin?

At Everyday Humans, we always say that the best everyday sunscreen is one that you actually want to use. If you’re skipping SPF, you probably haven’t found an easy, seamless formula that doesn’t interfere with your daily routine. So if you’re wondering what sunscreen to use with tretinoin, that’s where we come in. 

Choose moisturizing sunscreens

Tretinoin and other retinoids are notorious for drying out the skin. As such, you’ll need to double up on hydration. Resting Beach Face makes for a great daily sunscreen because it acts as a moisturizer and SPF 30 in one. With a unique SPF serum formula and hyaluronic acid, it absorbs fast and leaves a dewy, glowy finish. It’s the perfect sunscreen for dry skin and all retinoid users! 

Go for broad spectrum protection

Not all SPF are made equally, and the most protective formulas provide broad spectrum coverage! This ensures you’re shielded from harmful UVA and UVB rays, which cause aging, skin cancer, hyperpigmentation, and more. All our formulas have superior UV filters and broad spectrum protection, and you’ll only find sunscreen without white cast here.

Use sensitive skin-friendly formulas

Like we said, tretinoin tends to make your skin more sensitive. So if you’re looking for a gentle formula, Rose From Above is the best sunscreen when using retinol for you. This mineral-based tinted SPF + smoothing primer is packed with soothing, hydrating ingredients like rose oil, ceramides, and hyaluronic acid — the perfect cocktail to nourish skin. 

Tretinoin sun damage doesn’t have to be a thing! With sunscreen, you can reap the maximum benefits of your retinoid, without sacrificing sun protection. 

Find the best sunscreen when using retinol now on Everyday Humans.

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