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When it comes to washing your face, oil cleansing sounds like the wrong move. After all, you want your face to feel spotless and clean, not slick and shiny. But don’t let antiquated skincare rules scare you. Oil is your friend, and it could even help you achieve a clearer, more balanced complexion. 

Let’s talk about it. 

So, what is oil cleansing? 

Unlike regular cleansing that involves foamy lather or gels, oil cleansing uses natural oils that bond to the grime and oil in your own skin — resulting in a deeper, more thorough wash. In the K-Beauty world, oil cleansers are typically used when double-cleansing, first to remove heavy make-up. 

On the other hand, our Ease Up Watery PHA Oil Cleanser can be used as a cleanser for SPF, residual make-up, and dirt + gentle exfoliant in one. And because it’s more lightweight than your average oil cleanser and doesn’t leave a tacky film, there’s no need for a second cleanse.

Benefits of oil cleansing

Aside from providing a deeper cleanse, oil cleansing also…

  • keeps skin barrier hydrated and healthy 

Traditional cleansers tend to leave your skin feeling squeaky clean and stripped of moisture. Meanwhile, oil acts as a barrier to keep skin nourished, supple, and hydrated. 

  • dissolves gunk in your pores

Like we said, oil attracts oil. Oil cleansing can help de-clog pores and dislodge blackheads and whiteheads. 

  • restores balance in your skin

Oily and acne-prone people rejoice. Not only does oil cleansing remove excess oil and leave skin feeling noticeably clearer, but it also protects your skin’s lipid layer and the “good” bacteria that call it home. Studies have found that this can prevent irritation, acne, and infection.

  • gently exfoliates and brightens complexion

Not all oil cleansers do this, but Ease Up Watery PHA Oil Cleanser is that b*tch. As mentioned, it’s infused with a gentle trifecta of PHA, Mandelic Acid, and Lactic Acid — leaving skin visibly clarified and brighter. Bye dead skin cells. 


How to oil cleanse


Step 1: 

Start with wet or dry skin (your choice!). Add 1-2 pumps of Ease Up into your palm and gently massage. Take your time, hum a tune or two while you’re at it.

Step 2:

After a couple of minutes, rinse off the formula with warm water and keep massaging until all impurities are dissolved. Again, no need to double-cleanse! But if you’re wearing stubborn make-up, you may want to use a waterproof make-up remover beforehand. 

Step 3:

Pat your skin dry and follow with the rest of your skin care routine! You’re all glowed up and ready to go. 

Hot tip: Use Ease Up once a day if you’ve got normal to oily skin, and up to 3 times a week for sensitive skin. 

If you’re looking to jazz up your skincare routine, then oil cleansing is for you. The best part is that it works for all skin types — even if you’re oilier than a glazed donut. Plus, with Ease Up, washing your face feels less like a chore and more of a nice little ritual that will leave your skin feeling energized and so soft, you’ll probably want to keep touching it (but please don’t).


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