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From $100 serums to fancy Hollywood facials, skincare can definitely be an expensive habit. While we all enjoy a little luxury every now and then, the truth is that great skincare doesn’t have to cost an arm. With multi-purpose products, you won’t have to sacrifice the health or appearance of your skin. So, let’s talk about our favorite budget skincare hack to save you money (and time!). 

Budget skincare hack: Save money with multi-purpose products

If you’re unfamiliar with multi-use skincare, the name is pretty self-explanatory. The best budget skincare promises several benefits in one product. Think of a face + hair oil, a toner + make-up remover, or a sunscreen moisturizer. They’re perfect for those who want a short and simple skincare routine, or don’t want to spend on a dozen different items. Ready to build your budget skincare routine? You’ve come to the right place.

Sunscreen + Moisturizer

Does layering sunscreen and moisturizer leave you feeling like a greasy mess? Are you constantly asking, ‘what goes first sunscreen or moisturizer?’ Same. That’s why we made Resting Beach Face — a sunscreen serum that combines skincare + suncare in one step. Nourishing, plant-powered, and seriously lightweight, this SPF serum leaves a healthy, glowy finish on all skin types. Plus, with hyaluronic acid and Pentavitin, it’s also the best sunscreen for dry skin. Consider it your do-it-all shield against harsh rays, dehydration and pollution.

Primer + Tinted Moisturizer + Sunscreen

Want airbrushed, protected skin without having to pile on five different products? Rose From Above has you covered. This tinted sunscreen moisturizer with SPF 35 harnesses the power of upcycled Rose Oil to prime, soothe, and smooth skin. You can use it on its own for a natural, ‘skin-but-better’ look, but it can also work as the first step of your make-up or SPF skincare routine. 

Face Sunscreen + Body Sunscreen + Lotion

Not many skincare products work for both face and body, because of how sensitive the skin on your face can be. Fortunately, Oh My Bod! is made with high-quality ingredients that make it safe for head-to-toe use. It’s a face + body sunscreen and hydrating sunscreen lotion in one, leaving skin moisturized and protected with SPF 50. You won’t believe how lightweight and fast-absorbing it is. Most of all, this sunscreen lotion for body and face has zero white cast or goopy feel. A reliable companion for outdoor sports and everyday. 

See, you don’t always need 102349023 different products to make an effective skincare regimen. By investing in multi-use products with high-quality ingredients, you can save money on your skincare routine and still achieve healthy, protected skin.

Build the best budget skincare routine now with Everyday Humans.

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