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Summer’s right around the corner, which means music festival season is getting closer too. But before you pack your glow sticks and boots, don’t forget the next most important thing to your ticket: sunscreen. A must-have for any festival-goer, sunscreen will protect your skin from harmful UV rays environmental aggressors — whether you’re moshing at the Coachella desert or eat-sleep-rave-repeating at Electric Forest. So, here are some tips to pick the best sunscreen for music festival. 

Go for a lightweight, fast-absorbing formula

Wait too long for your sunscreen to dry down, and you might miss that Frank Ocean set you’ve been waiting for. So look for an SPF that’s lightweight and fast-absorbing for fuss-free application (and reapplication!). Plus, it shouldn’t leave you feeling sticky or greasy (not a cute look). Our best-selling Resting Beach Face SPF30 Sunscreen Serum checks all these boxes, and more. It will even give you a healthy glow that’s perfect for your festival make-up. 

Look for broad spectrum protection

When choosing a sunscreen, it's important to look for broad-spectrum protection. This means that the sunscreen protects against both UVA and UVB rays. UVA rays can cause premature aging and skin cancer, while UVB rays can cause sunburns. The minimum recommended level is SPF30, but if you’re camping out under the sun all day, it’s best to go for an SPF50. Fortunately, all our Everyday Humans sunscreens offer reliable, long-lasting sun protection from all UV radiation. 

Choose a sweat- and water-resistant formula

You’ll probably be doing a lot of dancing, sweating, or maybe even some swimming. As such, it's essential to choose a sweat- and water-resistant sunscreen, just like our Oh My Bod! SPF50 Sunscreen Lotion. With a hydrating, lightweight formula, it will have you outdoor-ready in minutes. Just remember to reapply sunscreen every 2 hours or immediately after that sweat sesh. 

Consider travel-sized SPF

Don’t let your tiny bum bag keep you from putting on sun protection. If you’d rather not bring an entire bottle with you, then get travel sized SPF that you can easily stash even in your pocket. Our tiny-but-mighty Sunshine Sampler has you covered with mini versions of your fave SPF. No excuses!

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SFP30 Sunscreen Glow Oil

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Oh My Bod! SPF50 Sunscreen Lotion

SPF50 Sunscreen Lotion

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Resting Beach Face SPF30 Sunscreen Serum

SPF30 Sunscreen Serum

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Rose From Above SPF35 Sunscreen Base

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Take Five Reviving Aloe Mist

Reviving Aloe Mist

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Sunshine Sampler Set

RBF 15ml + OMB 30ml

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