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Finding a no white cast sunscreen can be hard enough, but finding a sunscreen for melanin rich skin is an even more challenging task. While having melanated skin might give you a bit of natural protection from the harsh UV rays, nobody is 100% exempt from sun damage. So no matter your skin tone, wearing SPF is still the smartest choice. Here’s how to find the best sunscreen for dark skin!

Tips to find the best sunscreen for dark skin

Look for a moisturizing SPF

Wanna know how to get rid of white cast from sunscreen? You might not be moisturizing enough! When your skin is dry, it’s more prone to looking dull, grey, and ashy — especially when you layer with SPF. On the other hand, well-hydrated skin will look more radiant, healthy, and without that dreaded white cast. Our own Resting Beach Face is a moisturizer and non white cast sunscreen in one, which is perfect for lazy folks who want to shorten their regimen. Because its SPF serum formula is so lightweight and fast-absorbing, that makes it an ideal sunscreen for dark skin. With a glowy finish, it also creates a beautiful canvas for make-up or the rest of your skincare routine. 

Chemical sunscreen is key

Mineral sunscreen is notorious for leaving that gray, ashy look. But why does mineral sunscreen leave a white cast anyway? Well, its minerals like zinc are literally white in color, so making it 100% transparent is near impossible! However, there’s an easy fix for how to avoid white cast from sunscreen: use a chemical sunscreen instead. If you compare mineral sunscreen vs chemical sunscreen, the latter tends to be more sheer and lightweight in formula. Just remember to look for one that uses gentle ingredients and is free from oxybenzone, like Oh My Bod! SPF 50 Sunscreen Lotion. Not only does it come with super nourishing, hydrating ingredients, it’s also great for sensitive skin. Don’t sleep on this best body sunscreen for dark skin! 

Try a tinted sunscreen

For POC humans with extra sensitive skin and can’t avoid using mineral SPF, consider trying a tinted formula. Though it still uses minerals like zinc oxide, titanium oxide, or iron oxide to protect skin, the tint makes it less ashy-looking on skin. It’s effective at managing discoloration and hyperpigmentation too! Rose From Above is a great tinted mineral sunscreen for dark skin, specifically if you’ve got medium to olive skin tone. This primer and tinted SPF in one leaves skin with an airbrushed, semi-matte finish and a more even skin tone overall. 

Get a minimum of SPF 30 

It doesn’t matter how fast-absorbing or sheer the formula is if it can’t protect you enough. According to experts, the best sunscreen for dark skin tones has at least SPF30 or SPF50 if you’re spending a long time outdoors. Be sure it’s also got broad spectrum protection, so it shields you against all kinds of UV rays. 

We hope this answers your question of ‘what is the best sunscreen for dark skin?’ Shop your SPF essentials now on Amazon!

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