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We always talk about the importance of wearing SPF before going into the sun. But what about after sun care? After a day at the beach, you probably notice your skin feels more parched (and maybe even sunburnt), since sun exposure can decrease moisture and dry out skin. If you’re wondering how to hydrate skin and keep it healthy after that beach day or hike, here are some tips. 

How to hydrate skin after sun

Hydrate from within

You already know how to hydrate your body, but drinking water could also help your skin recover faster. At present, there isn’t enough research to conclude that drinking water has a direct effect on skin health. However, if you’re dehydrated, it will certainly take a toll on your skin and may cause it to lose some elasticity. Sun-exposed skin is vulnerable as it is, so grab that water bottle and keep it by your side before, during, and after being out in the sun. 

Take a cool shower

When at the beach or pool, you inevitably get covered in salt, sand, and chlorine — all of which can dehydrate your skin. After sun exposure, the best way to hydrate skin would be to take a cool, refreshing shower. Make sure to keep it brief, as long showers can also affect skin hydration and dry out your barrier even more. 

Replenish the moisture in your skin

When it comes to after sun care, aloe vera is pretty much the gold standard in hydration skin care. This ingredient boasts tons of benefits — from calming inflammation and hydrating skin, to soothing sunburn. It’s the star ingredient of our Take Five Aloe Reviving Mist, a multi-use face + body mist that’s perfect as an after sun spray (or anytime you need a refreshing spritz!). Aside from aloe, Take Five is also packed with cucumber water and desert extracts to calm redness and cool skin. After using this aloe vera after sun spray, follow with your favorite moisturizer or lotion to maintain hydrated skin! 

Keep wearing sunscreen

Of course, you’ll want to prevent further sun damage as your skin heals. And the best way to do that is — yep, you guessed it — sunscreen. Our Resting Beach Face is a great daily sunscreen option, since it’s a lightweight sunscreen serum with SPF30. Plus, it has hyaluronic acid, which makes it super hydrating and leaves you with the glowiest finish. For your body, Oh My Bod! is another great everyday sunscreen. Fast-absorbing and nourishing like a lotion, it’s also packed with calming cucumber and antioxidants to boost skin health. 

Now that you know how to hydrate your skin, you’re ready for more days in the sun. Remember, preventing sun damage doesn’t stop at SPF! After sun care is just as critical, so keep these tips in mind and enjoy that beach day. 

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