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Many people associate sunscreen with summertime, but SPF isn’t just for hot days and poolside hangs. No matter the season, sunscreen is a 365-day essential. Yes, even during winter when you’re draped in sweatpants with no body of water in sight, and during spring when it may be slightly overcast. 

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, up to 80 percent of the sun’s UV radiation reaches earth even when it’s cloudy. And in case you needed a refresher, UV rays can cause a laundry list of damages — including premature aging, skin cancer, sunburn, and more. 

Let’s talk about why you should wear sunscreen all year-round. 

Skin cancer is very, very real

More than a million Americans live with melanoma or skin cancer due to sun exposure. Glamour reveals that it’s also the second most common cancer in women ages 15 to 29. Surprisingly, however, majority of sun damage doesn’t come from beach trips, but from short bursts of sunshine — like when you’re just walking to work or driving under the sweltering heat. The best way to prevent it is — yep, you guessed it — everyday sunscreen. It’s the skincare cardinal rule! And if you’re wondering, what is the best sunscreen for your face and body? Anything with at least SPF30 and protects against both UVA/UVB rays. Remember to re-apply every two hours or immediately after sweating, swimming, or toweling. 

Sunscreen has never been easier to apply

Once upon a time, traditional sunscreen used to leave you feeling like a hot, sticky mess. But the great news is that sunscreen has finally innovated to be lightweight, nourishing, and even fun to apply. At Everyday Humans, all our SPF products are meant to easily fit into any routine and lifestyle. For starters, our best-selling Resting Beach Face with SPF30 comes in a serum-type formula that sinks in without leaving that dreaded white cast. With ingredients like hyaluronic acid, it can even replace your moisturizer and shorten your regimen. For your body, we designed Oh My Bod! to hydrate and protect with SPF50 — like a body lotion that does so much more but feels like nothing at all. Sunscreen shouldn’t feel like a chore to put on, and with so many options available, there’s simply no excuse not to make it a habit — whether you’re at the beach, going for a jog, or simply lounging by a window at home. Check out our tips on how to make sunscreen a daily habit

Sunscreen prevents premature skin aging

Look, aging is normal, and wrinkles aren’t a sign of defeat. However, sunscreen will help you maintain a healthy complexion as you get older. It helps prevent damage from various types of radiation, including UV-A, which affects the skin’s natural ability to retain its shape, therefore leading to fine lines. To protect itself from sun exposure, your skin responds by producing splotchy pigments — think freckles and liver spots — but wearing sunscreen can also avoid this. 

Windows don’t shield from sun damage

So you’re sitting by your window, peacefully tapping away at your keyboard as sunshine pours through the glass. Or maybe you’re in your car, vibing to Taylor Swift and thinking your tinted windows keep you cool from the heat. Wrong! One of the most dangerous SPF myths is that you don’t need sunscreen indoors. But like we said, sun damage is ruthless. Although windows may block sunburn-causing UVB rays, UVA rays can still penetrate through the glass and into your skin, leading to damage in the long-run. Remember ‘truck driver face’? It’s a thing. 

Sun damage doesn’t take a vacay 

Similar to windows, clouds don’t provide any sun protection. Winter, spring, summer, or fall (you get it), as long as there’s sun, you need SPF. It really isn’t rocket science. Sure, clouds can block some rays and make them feel less painful, but other clouds can end up reflecting the rays and actually boosting your chances of sunburn. 

Wearing sunscreen doesn’t have to be complicated. When in doubt, it’s better to have more protection than less. If you can, you could even wear hats or protective clothing to shield your skin even more. And once you find the right SPF for you, you’ll never have to worry about compromising your daily lifestyle over sun damage.

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