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How do you protect your tattoos?

Here's our breakdown on how and why protecting your tattoos is important;

Moisturizing your Tattoo

Even though the outer layer of skin heals within 2-3 weeks, it can actually take up to 6 months for your tattoo to fully heal.

During this time, it's so important to keep your tattoo moisturized because it helps with the healing process. As it starts getting colder, your skin might be drier and need that extra moisture.

Plus, do you really want your badass tattoo looking crusty because you forgot to moisturize?

Protecting your Tattoo

Sunlight aka UVA and UVB rays fade tattoos- much like they fade paint, fabrics, etc. The same concept applies here (even if you're inside!).

So if you want your tattoo to look as good as the day you got it, the name of the game is sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen. Especially if you have any color in your tattoos - the sun will fade those faster.

Best of both Worlds

We're all about multi-purpose, multi-tasking products, so save yourself the trouble and go with the moisturizing sunscreen formulation; Did someone say Oh My Bod?

Tattoos are beautiful and we want them to stay looking that way for as long as possible!

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