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Remedy chapped lips, cracked skin and sensitive spots with our Bomb Diggity Wonder Salve

Remember your first lip balm growing up?

It probably smelled fun and fruity. Now think back to all the times you had a little scratch, burn or insect bite as a child, and how your parents (or grandparents) would smear on a menthol-y salve that magically soothed away all that discomfort. These familiar moisturizers have been a skin essential our whole lives, so we decided, hey, let’s make a wonder salve of our own: Bomb Diggity. 

This is our all in one, balm for all.

A delicious, multi-purpose salve to replenish dry spots and remedy sensitive ones. From chapped lips and small cuts, to dry, cracked patches and conditions like eczema, this salve deeply replenishes with Carica Papaya Fruit Extract and Acai Seed Oil—both naturally rich in nutrients and moisturizing properties known to nourish, soothe and heal the skin. Plus, it comes in two flavours: First up is Mint, packed with Wild Mint Leaf Oil that’s a natural antiseptic with cleansing capabilities and great for treating inflammation. Then there’s Watermelon, which contains Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil, a potent moisturizer loaded with antioxidants and amino acids, making it a skin health booster and calming agent for blemishes, redness or discomfort. Also known as Hemp Seed Oil, Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil contains zero percent THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) as hemp seeds contain none of this psychoactive compound that makes a person “high”. This is unlike Cannabidiol, or CBD Oil, which is derived from the leaves. Known for a host of deeply hydrating, anti-inflammatory effects, cannabis and hemp (from the same family) have been harnessed by skincare brands to help calm and repair all sorts of conditions—think acne, access sebum and even eczema.

There are tonnes of balms out there, so why ours?

Firstly, a common misconception about many balms or salves out there is that they moisturize when in reality, most just seal in the problem area by sitting on top of it, rather than nourish it. Secondly, most of these thick formulas contain unsustainable ingredients like petroleum jelly, which is a derivative of oil refining that can aggravate skin. Our Bomb Diggity Wonder Salve stands out with botanical oils and organic emollients that melt into skin, delivering loads of moisturization and locking it all in with a protective, non-sticky veil. We love slathering it everywhere, from our lips to dry bits.

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