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How to Protect Your Tattoos From Sun Damage: Sunscreen Tips and Tricks

If you’ve got any tattoos, then you’ve probably heard the whole tattoo care spiel. But one thing that gets overlooked in tattoo care is sun safety. Here’s how to protect your tattoos from sun damage.

How to Patch Test Skincare Products Like Sunscreen: Tips for Sensitive Skin

Not all skincare works for everyone, but the best way to avoid irritation is to do a patch test, especially if you have sensitive skin. So what is a patch test and how do you do it?

Do Chemical Exfoliants AHAs / BHAs Increase Sun Sensitivity?

Whether you’re a skincare newbie or a 10-step routine master, you’ve probably heard of chemical exfoliants. But how exactly do they work, and do they make you more prone to sun damage?

6 Areas on Your Skin You’re Probably Forgetting to Apply Sunscreen

You already know the importance of SPF, but you might be missing these critical spots on your skin, which are equally prone to UV damage! Here are some areas you’re probably forgetting to apply sun...

Fact or Fiction: Do You Really Need to Wear Sunscreen Indoors?

Most people associate sunscreen with the great outdoors. But do you need to wear sunscreen indoors, even when you’re just at home and away from the blaring sun?

What Does ‘Hawaii Act 104 Reef Compliant’ Mean? A Guide to 'Reef-Safe' Sunscreen

Your skin isn’t the only thing that needs protecting when at the beach. In a landmark move, Hawaii signed the ‘Hawaii Act 104’ into law. What does this mean for skincare, and the planet?

Can You Layer Sunscreen With Make-Up? Tips for a Smooth Base

No matter how much make-up you’re wearing, none of it can substitute good old sunscreen. But you might be wondering, can you layer sunscreen under make-up? How can you achieve a smooth base with SPF?

Does Sunscreen Go Bad? How to Tell If Your SPF is Expired

So you’ve got a last-minute beach trip, and you find sunscreen from two summers ago. You might be wondering, ‘does sunscreen go bad?’ Let’s discuss.

SPF, Aging, and Wrinkles: Your Guide to the Easiest Beauty Secret

Sunscreen can prevent countless health issues, such as painful sunburn and even skin cancer. But SPF is also the easiest beauty secret that’s not a secret.

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