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How To Protect Your Fresh Tattoos From Fading

How do you protect your new tattoos from fading in the sun?  Whether you’re getting your first tattoo or expanding your ink collection, tattoos are often a memento of something deeply personal or a...

6 Surprising Ways Germaphobe Sanitizer Protects You From Germs

Are you a germaphobe? We don’t blame you if you are. Nearly 80% of illness-causing germs are spread by your hands.That’s why we’ve added Germaphobe Hand & Surface Sanitizer to our iconic t...

Back to Basics: How to apply sunscreen to your face

Here’s Everyday Humans’ guide on How To Apply Sunscreen:  You may have heard us say it before and we will happily say it again: sunscreen is an everyday must. Using SPF daily is one of the best way...


What’s up with ultraviolet aka. UV? In short, UV radiation is the sun’s light spectrum that reaches the earth in either UVA, UVB or UVC rays. They come in different wavelengths with UVA being the l...


We are giving you the why, the what and the how on SPF, so you can protect your skin everyday. 1. Benefits of sunscreen? Aside from saving you from a serious and not so cute sunburn, sunscreen has...

Soothe Lips and Dry Skin with this Do-It-All Moisturizing Balm

Remedy chapped lips, cracked skin and sensitive spots with our Bomb Diggity Wonder Salve Remember your first lip balm growing up? It probably smelled fun and fruity. Now think back to all the times...

Back to Basics: The Safest Sunscreen

What is the safest sunscreen? SPF - ah, the three letters that cover every sunscreen label. Everyone seems to think that a larger number should be better, but is that really true? What does the num...

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